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DyploMy 2016 – exhibition at the YES Gallery in Poznan

1 February 2017
Justyna Stasiewicz

On Friday, January 13, at the YES Gallery located on Paderewski St 7 in Poznan, an exhibition was held presenting the projects of graduate students from the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. If you are curious about what this place and the works presented looked like at the opening ceremony, sit back, read and enjoy.

the catalog from exhibition

Amber in the Museum of the Earth in Warsaw

27 June 2016
Justyna Stasiewicz

Amber is a material which possesses a hidden potential of thousands years stopped in time, and… a little bit of magic. About how unique and inspiring the stone is, you can find out by visiting the Museum of the Earth in Warsaw, where two very interesting exhibitions are taking place at that moment.

Performance Au+ group during the Festival SILVER in Legnica.

Festival SILVER in Legnica – 2016

2 June 2016
Justyna Stasiewicz

The culmination of the 37th edition of the Festival SILVER in Legnica took place on 20-22 May. Not only is this festival a contemporary jewelery competition – it is also a global overview of what contemporary artists create and what kind of topics, techniques and materials are familiar to them.

Jewelry by: Mikky Eger

Milan 2016 Part 2 – Ventura Lambrate and more…

18 May 2016
Justyna Stasiewicz

The time has come for another part of the article about the design week in Milan. In the first part I wrote about Miart and Trienale. I also promised that this time I would tell you a little about the exhibitions taking place at the Ventura Lambrate  – and that I would prepare an overview of the products, which could become a valuable complement to the interior of a modern showroom, a design studio or an art gallery. I reckon this is a good time to tell you that the article will reveal much more.

Barbara Paganin - "More" necklace, 2013

Milan 2016 part 1– Miart & Triennale

8 May 2016
Justyna Stasiewicz

Once again I was able to visit the north of Italy and take part in series of events related to art and design, which I wrote about in the article Milan Design Week 2015. This year, I went a little earlier to see the Miart art fair, which for me was a pleasant novelty. Once again I became convinced that it is worth to take part in events that do not relate to our specialization directly – to look at some issues related to art and design in bigger perspective.

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