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The Contemporary Jewelry Exchange

22 March 2015
Justyna Stasiewicz

The Contemporary Jewelry Exchange is a project initiated by Olga Raben in 2014. It resulted in a web exhibition and publication in a form of a book – which is one of the most up – to – date and interesting reviews of contemporary jewelry, which I have encountered up to now. 370 artists from all over the world took part in the exchange, using a variety of, often extreme, techniques and materials in their work

In the picture, "Ducks and Mushrooms” brooches made by Magdalena Lamch – it is a part of "Occult board” collection

Something for designers – Lateral thinking

15 March 2015
Justyna Stasiewicz

If we want to improve our design skills and broaden our offer by new patterns, we should always invest time in the development of our own creativity. Conscious or not, as we are creative people, we possess soft skills that are often useful to us also in everyday life. To be able to think outside the box is an extremely valuable skill – that is to propose such solutions that will surprise our boss or client.