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A vist to Naples – part 2

28 May 2018
Justyna Stasiewicz

I know that it has been a long time since the first part of the article about the visit to the bustling city of Naples. Due to the workload, I had to have a break from writing the blog for some time. I hope you have not forgotten about this website and you will be enthusiastic about the news that I am coming back to publishing. There will also be some changes that I will tell you about in the introduction to each new post :). Despite the lack of time to write for the last year – I still managed to collect some interesting materials. So I think that I will be able to surprise you in the next posts.

In the picture jewelry by Justyna Stasiewicz

Is it handmade?

9 April 2015
Justyna Stasiewicz

The concept of handmade jewelry is rather an imprecise matter within the industry, and a client who is not familiar with the technology of product manufacturing, is often tantalized with ambiguities.

What is the problem?