Young jewelry designers – Klaudia Ścigalska

22 August 2015
Justyna Stasiewicz
In the photo a necklace which is a part of Kaludia Ścigalska’s Bachelor degree Array

As I already mentioned in Young jewelry designers – Adam Kaczmarek in February of this year I took part in every six-month examination of jewelry, held at the Lodz Academy of Fine Arts. It’s time to introduce another person from the profiles of the artists selected by me: Klaudia Ścigalska is a graduate of the Jacek Malczewski Secondary School of Fine Arts in Czestochowa

Her works are characterized by simple, clear, geometric forms. Klaudia has already achieved her bachelor degree, in which she defended a collection inspired by the stars. One of the people that have had a particular influence on her is her sister – thanks to whom Klaudia decided to use astronomy as inspiration.

Klaudia Ścigalska

Collection of ultramarine plexiglass


Klaudia Ścigalska

Plexiglass ring with ultramarine

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